(MATH 4803, Spring 2018)


  • Place and time: Fri 3:00pm-5:45pm, Clough 129
  • Instructor: Anton Leykin
  • Office hours: Thu 1:30pm-2:30pm, or by appointment
  • Goals:
    • learn the card game of bridge;
    • review selected topics in discrete mathematics: logic and probability theory;
    • apply the latter to the former;
    • develop probabilistic intuition.
  • Learning resourses: ​​
  • Homework/Quizzes/Exams/Project:
    • several bridge and math problems will be assigned each week; turn in three problems of your choice at the beggining of the class;
    • quizzes and exams (longer quizzes) will take place at the beginning of the class;
    • each quiz will include at least one (similar to) homework problem; the quizzes will be taken by randomly assigned groups of three people;
    • two exams, taken individually, require detailed explanations of your calculations and reasoning; 
    • teams will be formed before the second half of the semester; a team will be assigned projects either of math nature (e.g., tournament movements, math of shuffling, etc.) or that of bridge (e.g., addon conventions, nonstandard defensive signals, etc.)
  • Grades: A = 90+%, B = 80+%, C = 70+%, D = 60+%.
    • The total % comprises
      homework (checked, not graded in detail) 10%
      attendance and participation   15%
      ten quizzes (taken in a small group; graded) 20%
      two exams (Feb 9 and Mar 9) (taken individually; graded) 30%
      two projects (2-3 page team report; short presentation in class) 25%
    • The final (on Friday, April 27, 6:00pm-8:50pm) is the final tournament, not a final exam; it will count only toward the "attendance and participation".
  • Tournaments:
    • Each class period will include a bridge mini-tournament followed by a discussion and game analysis.
    • The tournament performance will not affect the grades.
    • Small prizes will be awarded to the winners.